ALJ — About A Bee (Official Music Video)

New Jersey-based artist Axel Leather Jacket (ALJ) drops off self-reflecting single ‘About a Bee’.

Over a calming instrumental, ALJ sings ‘I know that it’s okay, but they gunna take my place.’ The first line of the song sets the tone for the 123-second single. ALJ continues to express feuding emotions; one side being the gut wrenching feeling of missing somebody you truly love, and the other being the realization that one day you will have to move on from heartbreak. There’s no time like the present for ALJ to face the facts and accept growth head on.

Throughout the beautifully shot visual captured by FIRSTNAMETREY, we see ALJ coping in real time. Each line in the song seems to bring the multi-talented artist one step closer to feeling like himself again, leaving the bleak confinements of his own mind and finally seeing life in color. Throughout the video, we can guess that Axel Leather Jacket is writing down emotions that probably coincide with the lyrics of the song. Ultimately, he drops off his written piece in the mailbox with no address, driving home the message of self expression, mental clarity, and acceptance.

‘About a bee’ is full of emotion, but doesn’t necessarily feel like a sad song. There is definitely a triumphant aspect embedded. The listener knows that ALJ may not be 100% fine just yet, but he’s almost there. Just as bees are responsible for keeping the cycle of life going, transferring pollen from flower to flower, we also must find our own ways to keep going during times of distress, when we may be feeling lifeless ourselves. ALJ was able to capture a feeling that is all to familiar to us almost perfectly, and for that alone he should be celebrated.

Learn more about the emerging creative known as Axel Leather Jacket below.

Who is ALJ?

“I’m a 24 year old creator born in Georgia and raised in Montclair, New Jersey.”

‘About a bee’ is your first release in awhile. Why did you choose this track?

“I make music as I’m inspired by my feelings (like I’m sure many artists do). This song captured the acceptance and growing pains that come with trying to romantically move on from someone you love.”

How long have you been creating music?

I’ve been creating music since I was in middle school, but ‘m not sure how many of those recordings count as ‘music’ lol.”

Do you consider yourself a recording artist?

“I consider myself a recording artist as much as I consider myself a fashion designer, or an artist in general. I love creating things and I’ve been blessed with a mind that allows me to express my feelings and creativity through various mediums.”

Who or what inspires you creatively?

“Experiences and what I’m listening to currently inspire me the most when it comes to my music. The influences from artists I’ve loved growing up are definitely prevalent in my work as well. It truly depends on where I am in my life at the time.”

Describe your sound to a new fan?

“My sound varies! It’s hard to pinpoint what I’ll make next. I don’t want to give any false impressions. But if I had to choose, I’d say hip-hop based with alternative and dance garnished over the top.”

What are your passions outside of music?

“Outside of music, my passions are fashion design and bringing ideas to life. Nothing better than expressing myself through a medium. It’s very cathartic and joy provoking.”

Where can people follow you to keep up with the latest?

“If you want to see where my art journey takes me, you can follow me on instagram @micsantosjr.”


By Tyler Baisden